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Rahul Vagadiya

Rahul Vagadiya
Date of birth
February 15, 1990
Innovate... innovate... innovate... innovate... innovate... till the word starts sounding funny

About me

What do I do?

I am a web and mobile enthusiast, working on the latest standards of both.

In short, I build Websites and Mobile Apps.

Web & Mobile

My Specialties are NodeJs, PHP, HTML5 & CSS3 on the web and iPhone app development on the Mobile.
All my works are build on responsive design, adhering to latest design guidelines & newer technologies.

Let me sum it up with some tags: NodeJs, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, MongoDB, AngularJs, PHP, MySQL, CodeIgniter, jQuery, Responsive, iPhone Apps, Android Apps, PhoneGap

More about me

Coming from a vast experience in IT, I have worked on various projects - government to private, websites to rich internet applications, mobile sites to mobile native apps!

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